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Get All Nba 2K18 Locker Codes


The latest update to the nba 2k18 game series is finally here and we've release our Nba 2k18 Locker Codes! With your enjoyment in mind, we've made some major upgrades to our website. A few of the upgrades being how our locker codes are generated and the fact that they now provide: ingame Virtual Currency (VC), player cosmetics, and diamond players. Please stop throwing money down the drain or grinding hours on Nba 2k Locker Codes vc, it's pointless, use our custom locker codes. Enjoy the freedom to spend as much VC as you want, make your friends jealous, and most of all enjoy the game.

Nba 2k18 Trailer

Gamers who love NBA 2K17 should easily love 2K18 with MyGM, MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyLeague modes returning along with the usual options for online and local multi-player games. The MyGm and customization choices which were introduced in NBA 2K17 that allowed gamers to dive into the logistics and behind the scenes action of handling a basketball team franchise are expected to be upgraded with current statistics and rosters for each participant and more in-depth analysis.
More exciting is that the NBA 2k18 Legends variant of the game which will be available on all platforms--Nba 2k18 Locker Codes Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, in addition to some of the older generations of these systems. This match headlines Hall of Fame basketball star Shaquille "Shaq" O’Neal and includes memorabilia and extra downloadable content in the value. Another advantage included in the Legends variant of NBA 2K18 is 4 days early access with pre ordering. Every fan who preorders the game will have the ability to play on September 15th rather than on the official release date, September 19th, 2017. This ancient tip off weekend is excellent since the sport is also fully unlocked, not just certain features, which means that gamers can continue their MyCareer progress following the official launch date. Included in this special NBA 2K18 Legends Edition players will get:
100,000 Virtual Currency(NBA 2k18 locker codes will be provided to redeem these with the pack)
20 Weekly MyTeam Packs that you can use to build your weekly fantasy basketball teams
Shaq Attack Shoes
Shaq's Rookie Jersey
The official Shaq logo shirt
Nickname jersey
Championship ring for Shaq
Gamers will also receive these brilliant physical things with their game: A NBA 2k18 poster, 5 out of 10 possible panini cards and a set of Shaq MyTEAM stickers. The MyTeam Packs used to build fantasy teams are guaranteed to incorporate a Shaq card and a single random free agent card from the 2K Team. One pack will be delivered digitally every week over the course of the basketball season commencing on September 15th! A Gold Edition of this Legends Edition can be bought that will include even more Virtual Money and Extra MyTeam packs, All the Panini Trading Cards and a Limited Edition Shaq Poster.
Shaq hinted in a media release for the Limited Edition Legends version that a new mode could possibly be featured in the 2K18 game that would allow players to recreate Shaq's best moments. In the press conference Shaq said "I hope my fans have a my most legendary in game moments!" This alludes to a probable moments mode that would challenge gamers to recreate some of Shaq's most career defining in game minutesnevertheless, this mode has not yet been confirmed from the  2K sports franchise. We're hoping that this Legend's variant will lead into more matches with some of the NBA's greatest players like Iverson, McGrady, Kidd, Carter, Kobe, and many more where fans can recreate some of the most exciting game winning or extraordinary moments in NBA history to unlock players, more virtual money, or special features.
1 element of the game and NBA 2k18 locker codes is that gamers are weary of is the Nintendo Switch Platform. Less processing power could bring about the game having less visual quality and features on the Nintendo Platform when compared to the others. With the Sony and Microsoft systems, it is almost certainly expected that NBA 2K18 will see advancements in color contrast and graphic design, particularly since NBA 2K17 was among the first games to support improved contrast on the Xbox One S console in 2017. Both companies also have touted updates in visual elements for 2017 with the Playstation 4 Pro already offering enhanced images it is certain that  2K franchise is going to want to keep ahead of the trend, and their standing, for having amazing graphics and visuals in their games. Simultaneously, Nba Locker Codes for Nba 2k18 Also works for every single platform which is supported by NBA 2k18.
For games that do not own the newest consoles, NBA 2K18 will launch on PS3 and Xbox 360 with its own special version for these consoles. Though little is known about what features will upgrade or be enhanced, or added, from the 2K17 addition, players will appreciate the fact that new games are still being made for these older systems since most sports games are only being released for the newer generation consoles with many more Vc .
NBA 2K franchise is keeping the secrets of 2K18 closely guarded but one thing we know for certain is that this match is set to top other sims as the best sports game of the year!


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