Monday, 6 November 2017


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Nba 2k18 trailer

Do you need more tips for NBA 2K18? Well if you read more below, you can have as much as you can.
  1. Get a haircut. Neighborhood that have a barbershop. Get an outstanding haircut that will surely let you stand out the crowd.
  2. Go to the gym. Work out to improve your body and level up your stats.
  3. Access your character’s social media and see your fans or even haters reaction based on your performance in the game
  4. Answer trivia quizzes and be rewarded with VCs at the same time testing your knowledge if you are really a true basketball fan.
  5. Go to alley-oops tattoo shop and get some art on your skin. wide range of tattoo designs.
  6. Go shoe shopping at Foot Locker. essential.
  7. Shop for clothes for apparels. Customize and design your own t-shirt.
  8. Play arcade basketball. DJ. Ride a bike. Use a skateboard. Buy a newspaper in the newsstand just near the junk court.
We also compare the past 2K games on this current one and what we have observed is the improvement in the defense which can now at least match na offense as oppose to the previous NBA 2K series. It seems like this is by far the best Nba 2k series that I would love playing. Mind you, the dribble action now looks like you really need to learn the techniques and simulate those moves through your controller. You really might want to take a look the gameplay below.
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